Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 21st

First, an apology because although I set myself the rule that I could post a photo the following day as long as it was taken on the actual day, I fell short on Friday. I stayed with Rob and could not log into Google blogs on Saturday due to lack of hi speed internet, and believe me, that actually was no complaint.
Back to Friday. This was a totally poo day for me. I decided to wear high heels to work despite my back not being better and suffered the consequences, having to spend spells laying on my office floor. Then when I managed to hobble out to Stuart to go to my chiropractor's appointment, he failed to go into gear, resulting in being towed to a shop and me canceling my appointment. Mike, my boss was a superstar and loaned me his car for the weekend on condition that I drop off some shirts and jackets at UVA for an event on Saturday. Not a problem for me since Rob lived relatively close by. I got there on time and placed my phone on the center console where it promptly slid underneath the sound sytem and became out of reach. I seriously could not believe the way this day was heading. So I had no choice but to get UVA's head coach on his knees with alum keys and pull a panel off to dig for my phone. Bless him, he did it with smiles and was such a gentleman. So eventually, I was on my way to Rob's house without further incident and mighty glad to finally be able to kick off my shoes and relax. And the back held up. And here's a photo of the Cavalier's Football truck.

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