Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28th

This is the very cool building I passed on I495 this evening when my gas light came on. Then a very funny thing happened...
So, last week I had my roots redone but I wouldn't consider myself blond, but at the gas station I had what could only be referred to as My First Blond Moment. I pulled up to the pump, got out and realized the tank was on the other side of the car. "Bugger!", I exclaimed loudly, unfortunately causing 3 male heads to swivel in my direction. I got back into the car, circled round the pumps, got out, and another, "Bugger!". I'd done the same thing again. The 3rd time I lucked out, getting the right side, and couldn't believe it when I actually got a round of applause from one of the guys. I curtsied, and they all laughed, thankfully turning what could have been a cringe moment into one of fun. Bloody Hell!


  1. OMG Debby that ISSSSS such a blonde moment! Sounds like something I would do. I lvoe ya girl and miss ya. I am so shooting for that trip next April!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you matey. We'll have some laughs!