Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9th

This morning I had the exquisite pleasure of encountering one of life's slobs on the way to work. He cut me up as we were approaching the traffic lights and we ended up side by side. I observed his morning ritual of hastily ramming 2 candy bars down his gullet washed down with large mouthfuls of Dr Pepper. He then proceeded to thrash a pack of Marlboros against his meaty palm, knocking the tobacco out of the cigarettes rather than packing them, tore off the cellophane and foil, threw those out of the window and finished the routine by opening his door and ejecting a noisy spitball onto the pavement. With a satisfied smirk, he then leaned back and deeply inhaled his first drag of his cigarette. I so badly wanted to take a photo of him but was quite positive that if he had seen me do so, he would have no compunction in stepping out of his cab and walking over to me to twist my nose off, so I settled with an image of his truck. It was only afterwards that I noticed he worked for a pest control company. How ironic...

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