Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25th

So the photo today is 'reflection'.
I was leaving my friend's house and drove past a woman who looked to be about the same age as myself but appeared to be a world away from me. She was unkempt with grey hair framing her face and wore the most unfashionable baggiest clothes I'd ever seen yet was not particularly overweight. She was dragging a small case on wheels and sucking hard on a cigarette while limping across the parking lot. I immediately envisaged her entering a house resembling that of a hoarder's, dark and cluttered.
I stopped myself. Who was I to judge on a passing glance and create a complete character from what I perceived. She didn't look unhappy. Maybe she was totally confident with her looks and had a bubbling personality and a hand that could create Constable landscapes in a hour. Maybe she was just returning from a mini vacation and wanted to travel comfortably hence the baggy clothes, had sprained her ankle mounting a sidewalk giving her a limp and was about to enter her home to be greeted with a dinner prepared by a loving husband.
You just never really know, do you?

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